Services & Fees

Nursery, Primary & Secondary Mainstream School Service

This is a comprehensive speech and language therapy service for children aged 2-16 in their educational setting with therapy delivered in either groups or individual sessions.

Working closely with teachers and learning support staff in the classroom or on a 1:1 basis, I assess the communication needs of children who do not have the opportunity to be seen by NHS therapists and may be falling behind academically. I help identify any underlying speech, language and communication difficulties they may have. I also work in liaison with NHS therapists, providing additional support to children based on any existing NHS therapy plans.

Verbal feedback will always be provided and specific communication targets, which can be incorporated into a child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) if required, will be discussed and agreed with the SENCO/parents/guardian. A therapy Care Plan can be written containing the agreed long-term goals and short-term targets. As part of this, suggestions for target-based activities and strategies to support the development of the child’s functional communication both in school and at home will be included. 

Prior to the start of a child’s therapy I will have an initial ‘ice breaker’ session. I believe this is a very important part of the therapy process as it gives a child the opportunity to meet and get to know me and it allows me to build up a good rapport. It supports a client-centred approach where I can respond to every child’s exact needs. Therapy activities will always be modelled and explained to staff, to enable them to help the child use and generalise newly acquired communication skills in different environments.

Teletherapy Service

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I, like so many people, have changed my working practices. Teletherapy involves using virtual platforms (I use Microsoft Teams, JItsi Meet and/or Zoom) to deliver all aspects of speech and language therapy remotely via a secure video connection.

Currently I am offering a complete teletherapy service to nurseries/schools who are unable to accommodate sessions in a school setting. Schools will need to provide children with a quiet area of the school where they can be supervised by a responsible adult during the teletherapy session.

The benefits of teletherapy include:

~ It is possible for parents to join a therapy session online (by prior arrangement).

~ Children love technology and want to engage with the variety of digital resources available.

~ Recording of sessions. This option may be required, recording for speech analysis (prior consent will be sought & recordings deleted after analysis)


Mainstream Schools      
Full day (8.30 -4.00)  ~ £450
Terms & Conditions to be agreed with individual schools

Fees inclusive of:

~ Contribution to IEP

~ Assessments, Reporting, Care Plans

~ Advice & Therapy

~ Staff Training

Please note :

I am unable to undertake any work in any setting without full written consent of parents.

A member of the learning support staff or a teaching assistant must be present at all times during therapy sessions.

If the child is currently or has previously been seen by an NHS speech and language therapist, I will need to receive this information at or before the initial consultation.

In line with industry requirements for independent therapists, I participate in regular supervision, supporting my clinical work and completing reviews.