Services & Fees

Nursery & Primary School Service

This is a comprehensive speech and language therapy service for children aged 3-11 in their educational setting with therapy delivered in either groups or individual sessions.

Working closely with teachers and learning support staff in the classroom or on a 1:1 basis, I assess the communication needs of children who may be falling behind academically and I help identify any underlying speech, language and communication difficulties they may have. I also work in liaison with NHS therapists, providing additional support to children based on their existing NHS therapy plans.

Verbal feedback will always be provided and specific communication targets, which can be incorporated into your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) if required, will be discussed and agreed with the SENCO/parents/guardian. A therapy Care Plan will be written containing the agreed long-term goals and short-term targets. As part of this, suggestions for target-based activities and strategies to support the development of your child’s functional communication both in school and at home will be included. 

Prior to the start of your child’s therapy I will have an initial ‘ice breaker’ session. I believe this is a very important part of the therapy process as it gives your child the opportunity to meet and get to know me and it allows me to build up a nice rapport with them. It supports a client centred approach where I can respond to every child’s exact needs. Therapy activities will always be modelled and explained to staff, to enable them to help your child use and generalise newly acquired communication skills in different environments.

Independent Service

During the initial consultation, I will take an in-depth case history and carry out informal and /or formal standardised assessments as per requirement, depending on your child’s age and presentation. This will include either taking part in or observing informal play sessions with you and your child.  Following this, we will discuss assessment results and goals for therapy will be agreed. As part of this consultation I will provide you with a short written report outlining the assessment findings. You will also receive a therapy Care Plan via email, detailing the short-term targets and giving advice on strategies for you to implement and suggestions about supporting activities which can be carried out at home.

Future therapy sessions will be centred around the targets specified in the therapy care plan, with the ability to re-evaluate these targets at any time to suit your child’s needs as therapy progresses. When the long-term goals have been achieved, with written consent, your child will be discharged, and a discharge report will be written on request.  

Teletherapy Service

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I, like so many people, I have changed my working practices to comply with the current government guidelines. Teletherapy involves using virtual platforms (I use JItsi Meet and/or Zoom) to deliver all aspects of speech and language therapy remotely via a secure video connection.

Currently I am offering a complete teletherapy service to nurseries/schools and independent clients. I sincerely hope to resume a face to face service for my clients as soon as possible, however, my teletherapy services will always remain available.

To participate in teletherapy you will need:

Either a computer, laptop, iPad or tablet with two-way audio and a built-in camera or webcam. You also need a strong connection and good band width. Ideally, you will also need to set up your device in a quiet area of your house to avoid distractions and to enable your child to have a better therapy experience. Please ensure that your device is fully charged. 

For more information about preparing for a teletherapy session click here

The benefits of teletherapy include:

~ No time spent in clinic waiting rooms.

~ Appointment times to suit your work/life commitments.

~ Direct participation in your child’s therapy session.

~ Children love technology and want to engage with the variety of digital resources available.

~ Recording of independent sessions. This option is not available in educational settings.


Initial discussion                          
Approximately 20 minutes  ~ free

An opportunity to discuss the concerns you have regarding your child’s speech, language and communication needs. I will be able to advise you whether your child needs an assessment and/or a block of therapy and what that might look like. If you decide you would like to proceed, we will make an appointment for an initial assessment.  

Initial assessment                          
2 ½ hours  ~ £225

A detailed case history with parents, observation of your child at play/in the classroom/playground/, formal and /or informal assessment(s), feedback to parents, detailed report with recommendations, and activity ideas, therapy Care Plan detailing long term goals and short term targets.

Review assessment                        
1 hour ~ £90

A review of progress towards the goals identified in the initial assessment. New goals will be set and a new therapy Care Plan will be written if appropriate.

EHCP assessment                          
3 hours ~ £270  

Detailed case history, discussion with school about your child’s communication skills, informal chat with your child to see what they find hard at school, informal/formal assessments as appropriate, detailed report with recommendations, outcomes, and formal speech and language therapy requirements. 

Discharge Report                            
45 min  ~ £40

This report will outline previous therapy goals and targets, therapy outcomes and provide further recommendations if required.

1:1 Independent Therapy             
60 minutes  ~  £65
Block of four sessions £250
Block of six sessions £380

I provide therapy on a weekly/fortnightly basis depending on need.
Saturday appointments available 9:00am-1:00pm.

Nurseries/Primary Schools      
1 full day (8.30 -4.00)  ~ £420
½ day (8.30 – 12.30) ~ £260     

Please note :

I am unable to undertake any work in any setting without full written consent of parents.

A member of the learning support staff or a teaching assistant must be present at all times during therapy sessions.

If your child is currently or has previously been seen by an NHS speech and language therapist, please provide this information at the initial consultation.

Appointment time consists of approximately 60% direct face to face contact with the client and the remainder of the time is allocated to scoring, analysing assessments, writing case notes, reports and Care Plans and making written referrals to other health professionals if needed. As an example, an initial assessment will consist of 90 -100 minutes contact time with the client and a 60 minute individual therapy session will consist of 35-45 minutes direct face to face contact.

A 50% deposit of the relevant appointment fee will be required when making a booking. All outstanding fees must be paid in full at the end of each appointment/block. For cancellations/missed appointment fees, please see my terms and conditions.